Arrival at Tureku

Adventures are captured and taken to Tureku

Our party killed a beast and stayed a night in a cave inhabited by a group of bandits. Before they went asleep the looted the cave and skinned the beast.

Ninefingers and Zul'Aman wake up to a trumpet sound that comes from outside, and notice Yasha is missing. The take the ears of the bandits as a sign to show that they have dealt with the bandits. When they get outside they are greeted by a brigade.

The brigade that was going to retrieve the Lords beast, Gunnar, from bandits cave. Bandits had taken the lords beast in to the cave. When the brigade, lead by a man named Bol'ash notices that our adventures had skinned the lords beast he orders the capture of our party.

Ninefingers and Zul'Aman are captured and escorted for three days on a journey to Tureku. Once they arrive at Turekus castle they are taken to its lord, Kustavos.



IssE Pasianssi

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