Zul'Aman Sunstrider



Body: Thin little bit on the pale side.
Head: pointy ears with blood colored eyes and long dark brown (little bit grayish) hair.
Robes: Tho custom to blood elf still strange to mortal men (weard symbols and worn thin leather shoulder pads). Mainly black with blood reddish color inside, cloak and hood attached.



“This world has rules. Not the laws imposed by men but the laws of the world. apple drops when dropped, you need always matter to make something, the stars always shine in the sky, cycle of life is everlasting and the dead stay dead.

fine stories the oblivious lie to keep them warm in the long dark nights…

What is the thing all seek in life? Power. Be it a fine steel, an army or a grown to call yourself a king. All men grave it. Some fight for it tooth and nail… never understanding the struggle to hold it only leads to it slipping through the fingers. Fools quest I say. I seek other kind of power. Ability to bend objects, to create things out of thin air, to boil man’s blood in his veins and to call lightning out of acloudless sky. Break laws and shape reality around men until theirs screams echo in the endless void."

For His Hunger Zul’Aman was scorned and banished from the Forrest plains of the elves. But that matters very little to him. Little is know of him and even less he tells about himself. Zul’Aman seeks power in this new world and wields it to his own gains. Those who stand in his way shall be removed and yet those who stand with him shall call him an ally. After all road travelled alone is foolish one.

“Reality is just an opinion. One I happen to disagree with.” Kael’thas from Book of Sunwell

Zul'Aman Sunstrider

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