Yasha never had many friends in his early life and always kept to his own. He never liked other people very much. Yasha has an older and a younger brother so he is used to be the invisible one. It as long ago when Yasha left his home and has overcome many dangers to this day. Yasha has lost his trust in authorities and goes by his own.


Now Yasha is a walker of shadows and darkness. He lingers in corners where no healthy nor wealthy man would dare to go. Yasha wears a cloak at his back and a hood to cover his slippery face. He is all dressed up in black and melds to the shadows naturally. He should not be underestimated by his height nor by his small appearance, he is still very deadly. Cloak and dagger are Yashas’ best friend and he doesn’t need any more. Yasha likes to keep his mysterious side.