Logen “Ninefingers” Stormblessed is a big, physically imposing man, with a tangled mass of hair, and deeply set dark brown eyes. He has a great many scars, including such curiosities as a wound through his stomach and out his back, from _______________. His asymmetrical face is also badly scarred, with a bent nose, and a big notch out of one ear. However, his most noteworthy wound, and the source of his nickname, is a missing middle finger on his left hand.


Logen Ninefingers comes from a village or clan called the Brynn, to the north of the High Places in The North. He’s the son of the local chieftain, a wise, strong, and good leader to his people; Logen often quotes the lessons his father taught him. When he was fourteen, he argued with a friend and blacked-out in his rage. The next thing he remembers, he’d strangled his friend. He covered up the murder. A few years later, it happened again when he nearly killed his father, stabbing him while they were eating; he didn’t know why. Fortunately, his father recovered.

Later, concerned with the increasing frequency of ________ attacks, Logen’s father sent him south over the mountains, to look for help.


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